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Holidays Special 
I have an amazing gift for you! Yes, YOU
Get your custom-made yoga routine

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Did you know about this? Isabelle’s Yoga Kosa amazing services!
Private yoga classes, spiritual coaching, chakras alignment, organize your personal special events like yoga retreat, yoga parties etc.!

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Why ?

We all have different needs, mind sets, age and (body stories). Our goals is specific and unique to each one of us. Especially when it comes to our
personal yoga practice.


Eat. Pray. Love
That could resume our holidays, right?
One of the main reason of our health is to keep the good habits, like exercising, eating heatlty food, cultivating joy in a peaceful mind and body. This definitely helps to keep the good spirit.


How does it work?
Book your appointment with Isabelle, we will look at what’s important for you, Isabelle will prepare a routine specific custom-made for you and your needs. You can invite one or two friends, it is up to you. You can also film it, record it, take pictures.

No more excuses ! You can always practice alone or with your friends.

Is in it great?
In the comfort of your home


Yoga soul menus
This include a free consultation and 1h30 of yoga with spiritual coaching (optional)
One private class for 70$ (reg.95$)
Two classes 130$

Isabelle’s best Offer – Promotional Special
Three classes for 150$ include a free consultation 
Special like these are not eternal!
Take your first appointment now – Reserve your gift here !
This gift offer will end on December 21, 2014

Isabelle’s secret talent
Balancing Chakras Massage, spiritual coaching
This massage focuses on helping you to better balance and soothe your body, mind and spirit, to help you to better channel your life force, demonstrate your self-power, release your confidence and appreciation and love for life.
1h15 / 75$


Reiki – Reflexology – Clairvoyance reading
Ottawa area with Christina Gentile
1h30 / 105$

Regular rate for private yoga session – include a free consultation
10 sessions – 5 sessions or 3 sessions

95$ for 1h30
It is not the idea that makes the difference, it is the experience !


Isabelle Monette
Kosa meaning : the treasure within

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